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Custom Designs

Custom Designs

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Here is how it works:

1. Please contact me to start the custom order process. You can submit a request on the website or send me a message on Instagram

2. Let me know what you want! This can be specific or vague. Please do not ask me to replicate someone else's work - I will not make a copy for you.

3. I will draw an example and we will discuss back and forth until you are happy.

4. I will make the drawing in clay as close to the drawing as possible. 

5. I will send you photos before baking, after baking and assembly.

6. I will make a reserved listing on my website so you can make the purchase and choose your shipping method.

Price is directly influenced by the complexity and the number of components involved. I will do my best to let you know the cost after the final design has been made. Any changes made after the design phase will incur additional cost. All custom orders start at $40.00.

Below are examples of custom designs I have made: