Influential Women - Barbie

Influential Women - Barbie

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Barb is my stepmom but she has been in my life for about as long as I can remember. She is such a PATIENT person who has taught me how to wear blue eye shadow, how delicious frozen coolwhip is, and that it's okay - like whatever you are feeling / going thru / dealing with, its going to be okay. She doesn't have to know the details, she just believes. I think that is why she is able to hold her Catholic faith and her yoga practice together because its all about believing. Also, I know I am 30, but I still call her Barbie. 

She often has to run from school, to yoga, to Mema's so I wanted something that is versatile. Barbie has always been good at layering jewelry and has an eclectic-clean style.

Note: the color is more of a chambray than a cobalt.